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Liver - largest gland in the body

Liver - largest gland in the body, accounting for the implementation of more than 500 (!) Functions, and can not be replaced artificially.

Removal or termination of this body will result in death in the next few days. However, the liver has a huge internal reserve and a unique ability to recover, even after such a serious disease such as hepatitis.

In medicine, providing more than 10 types of hepatitis - chronic and recurrent, infectious, viral, bacterial and toxic. We should also highlight the most common today - alcohol, disease, which in most cases leads to cirrhosis. The high mortality rate associated with cirrhosis with massive liver cell death and the gradual loss of all its functions, most of which are vital. Even therapeutic doses of drugs in such situations are toxic to the body, as the liver is unable to cope with their treatment.

GE-PA-highly effective with a protective, regenerating, antiparasitic and mild choleretic action.

As part of its only natural extracts: thistle, aspen bark, and mollusks (korbikuly) that enhance the antitoxic function of the liver, provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic effects, improve the composition of bile and digestive processes. In exchange application is a significant improvement of the liver, biliary tract, removing parasites.

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